When exposed to very cold temperatures, skin and underlying tissues may freeze, resulting in frostbite. The areas most likely to be affected by frostbite are your hands, feet, nose and ears.
You can identify frostbite by the hard, pale and cold quality of the skin that has been exposed to the cold. As the area thaws, the flesh becomes red and painful.
If your feet and toes suffer frostbite, take these steps:
1. Get out of the cold.
2. Warm your feet by covering them with dry, gloved hands.
3. Don’t rub the affected area. Never rub snow on frostbitten skin.
4. If there’s any chance of refreezing, don’t thaw out the affected areas. If they’re already thawed out, wrap them up so they don’t refreeze.
5. Get emergency medical help if numbness remains during warming. If you can’t get help immediately, warm severely frostbitten feet in warm — not hot — water. read more