Sweaty feet – we’ve all got them! The human foot has the capacity to produce at least ½ a cup of perspiration per day. But some of us produce much more than others. That is what we call Plantar Hyperhydrosis. There is help for excessively sweaty feet? While there is no cure, there are number of what the International Hyperhidrosis Society calls “everyday” solutions that work well. Also, there are treatments that a doctor can provide.
– Look for cotton or other absorbent linings in closed shoes. Avoid nylon, as they can create odors.
– When wearing sandals and open shoes, don’t pick shoes with insoles made of synthetics or plastics.
– Use absorbent shoe liners. These are specificly made for closed and open shoes.
– Check with your podiatrist or dermatologist about prescription antiperspirants. While over the counter antiperspirants may help, your doctor offers prescription products that can really help reduce issues and cure sweaty feet.
Treatments a podiatrist or dermatologist may offer:
– Iontophoresis. Use if machines that use a high voltage short-term electrical current that drives positive and negative ions into sweaty feet tissue to reduce sweating.
– Prescription antiperspirants that can be sprayed onto feet and toes that reduce the amount of perspiration.
– Other medical procedures created just for excessively perspiring feet.
Hyperhidrosis versus Sweaty Feet. How do I know the difference? Ask your self the following:
1. How many times per day do I think or worry about sweaty feet?
2. How many times per day do I change mt socks or shoes?
3. Have I used or do I carry “supplies” (such as extra socks and shoes, napkins, powders, antiperspirants, or towels) to help manage my feet sweat?
4. How often do I have to purchase new clothing or shoes?
5. Do I make such purchases more frequently than other people?
Many more questions like these can be found on the Hyperhidrosis Society’s webpage titled Diagnosing Hyperhidrosis. International Hyperhidrosis Society read more