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Thickening Toenails

Thickening of the toenails is fairly common. Physical damage to your toenail, fungal infection and Psoriasis may be the root cause. Old people also often have thickened, hard toenails, probably because of the damage they have sustained over the years, and because their nails grow more slowly, it takes longer to repair the damage.
For treatment to be successful, above all you must be patient. You will have to use the treatment for at least 3 months, and some treatments take even longer to work. Your nails grow from the base to the tip and it can take 18 months for a nail to be replaced completely by a new one.
General care of your feet can help avoid thickening nails.
Give your feet plenty of air, because warmth and sweat encourage the fungal growth. When you are at home, go barefoot whenever possible.
Choose shoes that give your toes plenty of room.
It is tempting to use nail polish to disguise the nail, but nails need to breathe so use it for short periods only, removing it as soon as possible.
Treat athlete’s foot promptly. If you develop athlete’s foot, treat it quickly so it does not spread to the nails. read more

Toenails – What Do They Tell You?

Your toenails, like your fingernails, should be smooth and consistent in color. Made of Keratin………it’s also in your hair and skin. Certain types of nail discoloration and rates of growth can signal lung, kidney, heart or liver diseases. It could also be diabetes or anemia.

Horizontal ridges can be a sign of a heart attack, malnutrition or respiratory disease. White spots or vertical ridges are harmless and there should be no worry as they are very common.

More minor issues include ingrown toenails, fungal and bacterial infections, blisters, corns and warts. read more

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