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Knee Pain

Knee pain is generally caused by overuse. It is often a result of excessive impact shock forces absorbed in the knee area as well as natural pronation of the foot. Besides reducing the level of exercise for a short period of time, extremely well cushioned shoes as well as replacement cushioning insoles are recommended to help treat knee pain. Recommendations: A shoe with good cushioning. Severe or persistent knee pain should be treated by a physician.

The Foot Bone IS Connected to the Backbone!

The foot bone IS connected to the back bone………..

This is the honest truth! Especially when it comes to injuries to the leg. From the foot, all the way up to the top of your head, each bone is connected to another…..thus creating a chain. Injure one part of your body, such as the knee, hip or low back, and it can be caused by an abnormality in another part of the body, especially the foot! It’s the base of the body. It’s where you bear all your weight. Hitting the ground, when walking, with forces that are 1.2 times the body weight……….and when running, it’s 2.5 times. Forget jumping……5 times! The alignment of the foot, with all its many bones, tendons and muscles, influences the alignment and angles of all the bones further up the chain. This can lead to pain or injury anywhere in the body. read more

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