Have you ever had itchy, burning feet and had the darnest time getting rid of it? You probably had (or have) athlete’s feet (a fungus that is more apt to affect the skin between the toes) or it could also be eczema or dermatitis, which usually affects the sole of the feet.
There are over the counter medications that treat any of these conditions. Should they fail to relieve your itch, see a physician for prescription medication that is sure to eradicate your problem.
Tips to prevent Itchy Feet:
Keep your feet dry and clean at all times.
Wear sandals in communal shower rooms and baths.
Be extra careful if you have cuts or cracks in the skin of your feet, regarding potential exposure to fungus or infection.
Treat any potential itch immediately, before it gets worse, whether it be with over the counter medications or a prescription.
If you are diabetic, it is imperative that you check your feet regularly for problems of the skin. read more